What can I expect of you as my photographer?

My goal as your photographer is to capture you as you are, as candidly as possible. I understand getting in front of the camera can be a bit daunting, but I will work with you and provide the most relaxed, fun, enjoyable atmosphere and experience that I can. I try not to "pose" you too much, but instead offer prompts to help keep things as natural as possible!

I'm a super laid back person, so just think of me as a new friend who you're hanging out with for an hour!

I believe wardrobe is a very important aspect of your photo session. So prior to your session date I’ll help you choose outfits! I offer many beautiful dresses for moms to choose from as well. Your photos are an investment! Might as well dress up!

How far in aDvance should I book my session?

A month in advance is recommended, however not totally necessary. I've booked in clients before with only a weeks notice. But as soon as you decide you want me as your photographer, I'd suggest contacting me!

What happens if it rains on the day of our session?

Living where we do on the beautiful west coast can sometimes bring less than perfect weather to shoot in. In the case of rain, we can reschedule for a later date!

Can I have the unedited images from my session?

I do not give out unedited images under any circumstance. Once I have uploaded your images to my computer, I cull through them and choose the best of the best to edit. All other images are then deleted off of my hard drive. I promise to provide you with a great variety of photos in the end, all fully edited and ready to be printed and showcased!

What is your turn around time?

For regular sessions, I usually have your gallery finished and sent off in two weeks. For weddings, 6 to 8 weeks.

How do I receive my photos?

I upload your images onto an online gallery! Super easy to navigate and you can download them all high res, directly to your computer. Your gallery stays up for 1 year, so make sure to download and backup your images within that year.

Do you offer printing services?

I sure do! If you want any or all of your images from your gallery printed, please let me know! I order through a Canadian pro photo lab, which guarantees your images will be true to colour and exactly how they are intended to look!

Can we bring our dog?

As long as your pup is well behaved and able to be trusted off leash for parts of your session or tied up depending on the location, then by all means please bring him along!

Can I share the posted sneak peeks on FB?

Yes please! I only ask that you refrain from saving to your phone and reposting on FB (it’s okay to do this for IG!) The reason I ask this is because it downgrades the quality of the image (I resize it specifically for FB so it looks good!). Screenshotting and reposting is also not recommended.

Tagging yourself in the photo will give you the option to set it as your profile pic, or you can hit the share button and share the entire post. I'll usually try to tag you initially, but due to privacy settings I sometimes can't. So feel free!

Can I share my photos to Instagram?

Yes yes yes! Make sure to tag me in them too so I can give it a like and follow you if I'm not already!

Please remember to avoid using a filter though. Not only is it a violation of copywrite, but it creates an inaccurate representation of my work!